The Doctrine of High Morality

The following Doctrine presents a point of view on the causes of the current state of society, determines basic value guidelines, provides definitions of core concepts and offers solutions for the ideological crisis.

The Doctrine contains the concept of the ideology of a moral society which can serve as a basis to:

- form state politics;

- improve legal terrain;

- develop target programs for increasing morality.

I. Causes of the current condition of society

The modern society is in a state of a global crisis. This crisis is manifested in all realms: political, economic, agricultural, healthcare, family, human relationships and others. The primary reason of any crisis is the decrease or lack of morality in specific individuals, as well as in the entire society.

At the same time, the moral aspect is present in the Constitutions of almost every country; moral principles can be found in all philosophical teachings and all leading world religions. Yet, there is a huge gap between the “theory” and “practice”.

What is the reason? We see the reason in the lack of elementary knowledge about the Laws of the universe, and ignorance. This consequently leads to misinterpretation of basic concepts that lie at the basis of development of any evolving society.

The present society is not undergoing the process of evolution (in select areas) as much as it is degrading as a whole. It is a society of consumerism, where immeasurable desires, primarily centered on material wealth and pleasures, are cultivated. The profit becomes the main priority for people, while the basic concepts are attributed the opposite meanings.

A comparison of the basic concepts of the consumerist society and those of a moral society may help to see a way out of the global crisis that has pervaded all world countries.

II. Basic concepts of a consumerist society and of a moral society.

The “God” concept. In the consumerist society, this concept seizes to be perceived as the source of absolute values that determine the entire human life. Instead, fetishism is cultivated – a religious worship of material values; the cult of money prevails. The psychology of “fast food” is also manifested in the area of faith. The worship of God often has a formalistic character related only to the observance of rituals.

Objectively, God is the Supreme Law that controls the Universe. Everything abides by this Law. Following this Law allows an individual to develop spiritually and morally.

The question of God’s existence is gradually moving away from the area of religious and philosophical discussions to the field of scientific studies.

There are great numbers fundamental physical constants (i.e., gravitation, electromagnetic force, nuclear interaction, relationship between the radius of Earth and its distance to the Sun, and others). The results of the studies of mathematicians, physicists and astrophysicists from different countries, including those of Josef Rosenthal, Vladimir Nikitin, Steven Weinberg, Reinhard Breuer, Freeman Dyson, John Polkinghorne, John Barrow, Frank Tipler and others have shown that a smallest change in any of these constants would lead to the destruction of the Universe. The scientific studies in this area have allowed the scientists to come to a conclusion that there is a Supreme Intelligence that governs the Universe. .

Arthur Compton, the greatest physicist of the 20th century and a Noble prize winner said: “For myself, faith begins with the realization that a supreme intelligence brought the universe into being and created man. It is not difficult for me to have this faith, for it is incontrovertible that where there is a plan there is intelligence. An orderly, unfolding universe testifies to the truth of the most majestic statement ever uttered: ‘In the beginning God…’ [Genesis 1, 1].” (Compton 1936).

Similar statements had been made at different times by Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Charles Darwin, Camille Flammarion, Nikolay Pirogov, Francis Crick, Andrei Sakharov, Peter Gariaev and many other world scientists.

The concept “Physical world”. There is a belief in the modern society that nothing exists besides the physical world, which can be seen, touched, divided into components and studied; and therefore, all activity is limited to this world.

However, scientists have proven that the physical world is only the “tip of the iceberg”. Carlo Rubbia, an Italian physicist and Noble prize winner, states that the visible matter is only one billionth part of the Universe. The Universe is much larger, and scientists provide evidence of new levels of existence of life in it. Thus, the discovery of phase-informative state of matter by a Russian scientist Stanislav Zenin, the development of the theory of holographic nature of the Universe by the British physicist David Bohm, the discoveries of the Russian scientists Gennady Shipov and Anatoli Akimov in the areas of the theory of physical vacuum and torsion fields prove the existence of a conscious, multi-level governance of the Universe.

The concept “Human Being”. In the consumerist society, a human being is viewed as a part of the material world. Each human being has the “beginning” (the birth) and the “end” (the death) just like any object or process of the physical world. Consequently, due to a common belief that a person lives only once, he or she needs to live this only life enjoying all material pleasures. It is impossible to achieve perfection in one life; therefore there is no reason to strive for high morality that presupposes inner restraints and self-discipline.

However, if one takes into consideration that the Universe is a highly complex, multi-level system of different planes of existence then, correspondingly such complex live organism as a human being is also multi-dimensional. The technology of computer GDV photography developed by Konstantin Korotkov based on the Kirlian effect visually demonstrates that humans have an energy component – the bio field that reflects their thoughts and feelings.

Besides the mortal part, humans also have an immortal part that undergoes evolution over many incarnations. During many of these lives, an individual gains experience, develops his or her best qualities and, in accordance with the law of cause-and-effect , obtains the results of the actions that have been realized not only in one life, but in all previous incarnations. If people knew that they live more than once, they would think seriously before committing an immoral deed. Such people would understand that, if they had hurt or offended, deceived or killed someone in the past incarnation, they themselves would then be hurt and offended, deceived and killed in the following life.

Since 1960, a scientific approach to the subject of reincarnation has been developed. In 1980, The International Association for Regression Research & Therapies was formed. It brought together scientists from the US, Germany, the UK, Russia and other countries. These efforts allowed documenting thousands of remembrances from individuals’ past lives. Thus, an American physician, Professor Ian Stevenson has studied 3,000 cases of children’s recollections of their past lives over the course of 40 years.

If only two Laws of the Universe were taught in pre-schools and schools: the law of cause-and-effect and the law of reincarnation of the immortal part of the human being the society would change drastically in only one or two generations and it would orient itself towards the moral path.

The three main concepts have been reviewed in detail above. Below is a table that visually represents these three (as well as other) concepts in the consumerist and moral societies.

Ideology of Consumer Society Ideology of Moral Society
God is not perceived as the source of absolute values that determine the entire human life. The worship of God often has a formalistic character related only to the observance of rituals. God is the Supreme Law that controls the Universe. Everything abides by this Law. Following this Law allows the individual to develop spiritually and morally.
Physical world
Only the physical world exists and all activity is limited to this world. Physical world is only the “tip of the iceberg”. The Universe is much larger.
Human being
Humans are mortal. They are perceived as bio robots, manpower resources, “particles” in the government system. Besides their physical body, humans have an immortal part that undergoes evolution throughout many incarnations.
Society presumes racial, economic, religious and other inequalities. Mankind is viewed as the brotherhood of nations.
Freedom is manifested in non-observance of the Highest Law. Overindulgence is practiced for the sake of fulfilling one’s desires and pleasures. Freedom is a conscious necessity to follow the Highest Law that exists in the Universe. It represents the unrestricted freedom to act within the framework of this Law.
The authorities hold human masses in obedience, follow political fraud and deception, and produces corruption and struggle for power. Positions are earned through bribing. Governing authority is an honorable duty. The best representatives of society hold administrative positions in accordance with their moral qualities.
Finances are a means of governing, manipulating, controlling and enslaving. Finances are a temporary phenomenon at a certain stage of development of the society (as a currency for trade, a means of accounting and distribution).
Work is a means to earn money. Work is the highest joy, a means of creative self-realization of a human being.
Wars are the means of struggle for power, control, wealth and natural resources. The world has no wars. The principle of non-violence is realized in international, social and interpersonal relationships.
Medicine and Healthcare
Medical treatments and medications are used as the means to gain profit. There is no interest in making people healthy. The main goal is the health of every person. The basis of health is the harmony with Nature.
Education and Child Upbringing
It is a means of reproducing labor force and developing qualities in citizens according to the government needs. Each individual must receive the most comprehensive education, in order to develop the inner potential of his or her personality.
Mass Media
Mass media is a source of manipulation of mass consciousness. It fulfills a social procurement of the people in power. Facilitates further degradation of the population. Mass media facilitates the broadening of worldview of each member of society. They broaden and deepen the knowledge.
Art is regarded as a commercial product of mass consumption. It reflects the immorality of society. Art provides models of high morality, elevates people’s consciousness.
Science serves the interests of financial elites. Scientific discoveries are used for gaining profit and for military purposes. Science studies the laws of the Universe and helps people follow them. All scientific achievements and developments are aimed at improving people’s lives.
The family institution is degrading. Same-sex marriages and sexual perversions are common. Family is the cornerstone of society and government.
Leisure Time
Leisure time is spent on pleasures and entertainment. Leisure time is utilized for education and self-development.

III. Ways to overcome the moral crisis of society.

Countries built upon the moral principles have always had social, economic and political advantages, which led to their prosperity and growth of welfare. Therefore, the only means of overcoming any crisis is to raise morality of the nation. When one becomes more moral, he or she automatically begins to reject anything that is immoral./p>

Today, the modern mass media is attuned to the lowest human desires and propagates immoral ideals: crudity, smoking, violence, sexual abuse, perversions etc. However, some governments have already begun anti-alcohol and anti-tobacco campaigns on the highest level. The next step should be allowing more moral and beautiful pieces of art and culture to enter television screens, radio and press, so that they can gradually replace (but not by means of prohibition) vulgarity, crudity and violence from people’s consciousness and as a result, from all realms of life of the state.

It is necessary to instill in people’s consciousness the concept of God as the highest moral Law, which exists in the Universe. The revival of morality should become a national program, national ideology and be promoted at all levels and by all possible means.

The outer world is a mirror that reflects our consciousness.

A perfect consciousness corresponds to a perfect world.

It is necessary to propagate moral concepts such as honor, sincerity, virtue, humbleness, benevolence at the governmental level. It is necessary to say at the government level: “You are moral people; you should strive for virtue and kindness. Everything around you should be transformed due to your self-perfection!...” And, in several years, the situation will begin to change.

The program may also be very simple: “I am for morality!” “I live according to my conscience!.”

Let us combine our efforts and make morality the fundamental principle of life!

A.V. Bychkov, President, “The Morality Movement”

T.N. Mikushina, social activist

M.L. Skuratovskaya, Ph.D., university professor

E.U. Ilyina, writer