The mission of the Morality Movement is to promote the fundamental moral principles in all realms of life and all layers of society in the entire world.

The goals of the Movement:

  • To revive the moral principles in the whole society across the globe with the help of the world’s spiritual potential and the greatest human achievements in the fields of art, culture, science and technology
  • To develop well-rounded individuals and facilitate education in both children and adults based on the ideals of morality
  • Business and cultural partnership and consolidation with other organizations that pursue similar goals
  • To strengthen friendship and mutual understanding with other nations

These goals will be achieved by a mutual effort of the Movement members through various projects.

The Movement has outlined three main projects that are currently being developed and will be implemented in the near future:

1. The Anti-GMO Project

Preventing the spread of GMO products, promoting the labeling of GMO products and raising public awareness about the harmful effects of GMO foods.

2. The Family Project

Reviving core family values, strengthening family ideals in the society.

3. The Music Project

Raising awareness about the effects that different types of music have on the human psyche and physical health. Advocating high-vibrational music that promotes physical and mental health and raises the level of human consciousness.

Other goals will be set and other projects will be developed by the Movement as it grows. We welcome any ideas and suggestions as well as volunteer help with any of the Movement’s programs.