What Can I Do for the Movement?

The power of our Movement lies in mass participation and high level of organization. That is why, at this stage of our development, we make mass participation and organization the priorities of our actions. In other words, our main goal at the present moment is to find as many people as possible, who see a deep meaning and purpose in the word “morality”, and to have them register on our website. Let us take a headcount! And, once we see how many of us there are in the world, we will feel our power.

Our volunteers say that, when they distribute the symbols of the Movement, some people happily take the flyers and ribbons and completely agree with our Code of Conduct, and, yet, they do not register on the website right away. And some people consider it a pure formality. This is where your social skills and power of persuasion are needed. You should explain to the people the difference between the words and the deeds. It takes a very small effort to click on the “become a member” button on the website, and, yet, it needs to be done.

Imagine, if every member of the Movement helped enroll at least 10 new members, then our Movement would consist of more than 15,000 people! And if each of those people invited 10 more people, then the Movement would grow to 150,000 members! At this point, governmental organizations, mass media and other institutions would see how many people stand behind the word “morality.” Then people would begin to listen to us and take us into consideration!

And what if you wore the ribbon and the lily badge at all times? Let people ask you what those symbols mean. You would just need to be open for a conversation and have the Code of Conduct flyers and the ribbons ready on hand. Become the bearers of the morality principles in real lives! Visit our website often and keep track of the changes in the statistics regarding the number of members in your city or state. Check the website to see how many people become actively involved to support the Morality Movement.

You may think that the mere promotion of the Movement and the distribution of its symbols is not a very important task. You may want bigger, greater projects. Let me disagree.

The majority of the population is stuck in the field of negative information that we are being thrown into. Everyone enthusiastically evaluates political actions and economic decisions, discusses the news, and becomes angry at the corruption and foreign politicians. This makes a person who lives in the same society and who is calmly and peacefully promoting the morality principles look slightly strange, or be, as they say, an “odd duck”. Yet, our goal is for the people on the entire planet to at least start talking about the morality. It should change the informational field. You are those fireflies that have begun to ignite in the informational darkness. Imagine how many people have come home from the first congress of the Movement and started to actively discuss the morality ideas, with love and joy. Each participant has gotten involved in the conversation at least one more person.

I am asking you not to stop, to go on. And teach others how to do this. Everything of genius is simple.

The next stage will be to organize structurally. We will need to identify regional leaders and form regional groups. This will allow us to organize and hold events efficiently.

If we fulfill these two goals within this year, we will be able to plan and implement more large-scale projects.

I would like to conclude with a wise quote: “Yes, we have to admit that the society is becoming less moral. The consumerist society, the images of glamorous and wealthy life and its temptations lead away from the Path many people on this planet. This moral decadence is not happening for the first time in the history of mankind. The moral base that is present in every person should revive! For this, you will have to demonstrate all your skills and talents to lead peoples and nations. You will have to get rid of everything that ties you to your opportunistic interests. It is at this moment, at this time that we will have to create a preponderance of moral role models. Only in this case will we be able to climb up the peaks of the spiritual evolution! Therefore, take responsibility for the destiny of the world, tirelessly, every day! Be examples of morality and culture every day! There are no excuses for your inactivity and laziness! It is impossible to continue to watch how entire generations of young people poison themselves with nicotine and alcohol, how they destroy their psyche with disharmonious music and different forms of sexual perversions. Everyone must counteract immoral behavior with spiritual power. Nothing in this situation that has emerged on the Earth is important except for one thing – we must bring the Morality back to our lives!”

Respectfully and gratefully yours,

A.V. Bychkov

President, The Morality Movement