International Day of Peace

Dear Friends,

On September 21st, 2014, in association with the International Day of Peace, an international campaign “We are for Morality!” took place in 23 cities across Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lithuania and the U.S. During this campaign, our movement did not only acquire new followers (over 400 people), but, more importantly, the voice of Morality has started to sound more and more clearly around the world. After talking to our activists, many people were inspired and delighted that such a Movement exists, and they gladly joined the movement.

Below is the report of the campaign participants from Chicago.

We are delighted to inform you that on Saturday, September 20th, 2014, in Hyland Park, suburban area of Chicago, IL a presentation of The Morality Movement was held in association with the International Day of Peace.

The participants of the presentation actively discussed the importance of our Movement for all people who live on the planet Earth today. Some guests shared their experience of promoting this information among their friends and acquaintances.

At the end of the presentation, we handed out the Code of Conduct flyers and white-and-blue ribbons to our new friends. They gladly accepted the invitation to join our Movement and took additional flyers with the Code of Conduct to distribute them further.

From USA with Love,
Maria and Galina

International Day of Peace International Day of Peace

During the International Day of Peace, established by the U.N. general Assembly, the members of our Movement raised the flags of Peace and Morality in different places across the globe: in big cities and small towns, not only in different countries, but also on different continents. Their efforts reached the hearts of people of all ages, including children. When looking at the little ones with white paper lilies in their hands, we want to believe that a better, happier world awaits them – a world in which wars will not exist even in History textbooks. We thank all participants of the campaign with all our hearts. Thank you, dear friends, for your righteous, selfless service!

The Morality Movement Administration