Morality: The Ideology of the New Epoch

Open Letter

To all people on Earth who think and care

Нравственность – идеология Новой Эпохи

Modern human society is in a deep systemic crisis. No economic, financial or political reform can resolve this crisis.

The only thing that can help humankind at the current stage is the revival of Spirituality and Morality. Morality lives in every human being. It is his or her conscience, it is God in his or her soul.

The concept of God is usually associated with religion, church and ritualism. In this case, God is perceived to be somewhere outside oneself. That is why people go to church, temple or another religious institution in search of God. Yet, God is much closer to us, he is always with us – in our hearts. We just need to understand this important truth and return God to our lives, and fill our consciousness with him.

God is manifested in a human being as his or her Conscience, which performs the moral self-control and always knows what is good and what is bad, where the Good and Evil is .

In some European countries morality is often called “ethics.” Both of these words originated in pre-Christian Europe. The ancient Greek term ethos in the meaning of disposition, or character, and its Latin counterpart moralis meant the totality of virtues. Their Russian equivalent, the word nravstvennost’ is derived from the ancient Slavonic word nrav, which carries another (sacred) meaning: the connection with the Divine Wisdom.

Today, in those western countries where the word morality exists, it is gradually disappearing from the everyday language. The younger the person, the less he or she is familiar with that word. The notion of morality is becoming more and more associated with church dogmas and restrictions, which are regarded as a threat to individual freedom. The notion of conscience is becoming old-fashioned and does not always denote a positive meaning because conscience is not always rational and logical from the material perspective, which prevails in the consumerist society. The mere notion of God is acquiring a negative connotation more and more often. Many times the mass media skillfully support this tendency.

After our civilization had refused the morality and God as the Highest Moral Law it began to degrade. The consequences are evident.

All vices, negativity and aggression are beginning to thrive in the society without spirituality and conscience. It is the lack of morality that fosters all other problems: terrorism, crime, theft, corruption, sexual perversions, same-sex marriage, negativity in the mass media, combat computer games, addiction to the virtual reality, stress, rumbling destructive music, tobacco, alcohol, drugs…

These problems in society grow like cancer cells and consequently the society begins to degenerate.

Such commandments as “do not kill”, “do not steal”, “do not commit perjury” have existed for thousands of years in many world religions, yet the crime rate is growing every year. Each country has to maintain a huge law enforcement system, and spend a lot of money on the maintenance of prisons. However, if the people had understanding of the Highest Moral Law, the Divine Law, within themselves, all these resources could be spent on much more noteworthy public projects.

The government officials, who accept bribery and do not perform their duties sincerely, hope to live long and happily. Yet, if they had God in their hearts and knew how the Divine Law operates, they would understand that everything they do will eventually return to them like a boomerang.

The main mass media that influence the minds of millions of people by constantly broadcasting commercials, negative news, soap operas and shows are only concerned about making money. However, the problems of the society would automatically start to decrease if the television channels were managed by people of high morals. Such people would not try to fit in with the average level of consciousness but instead, would spend their time and efforts on creating films and programs of educational, philosophical and aesthetic character.

Why did we remove God from our lives? All the best representatives of humanity, such as composers, writers, poets, artists and scientists came to accepting God in their lives.

Many scientists, including our contemporaries proved the Divine nature of our world by conducting studies each in their own field. The results of the studies of mathematicians, physicists and astrophysicists from different countries, including those of Josef Rosenthal, Vladimir Nikitin, Steven Weinberg, Reinhard Breuer, Freeman Dyson, John Polkinghorne, John Barrow, Frank Tipler and others allowed to make a scientific conclusion that there is a Supreme Intelligence that governs the Universe.

Similar statements had been made at different times by Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Charles Darwin, Camille Flammarion, Nikolay Pirogov, Francis Crick, Andrei Sakharov, Peter Gariaev and many other world scientists.

If scientists have already proven that God exists, why do we shy away from or consciously refuse His existence? Why do we distance ourselves from God in our lives? By removing the Main One from our lives, we deprive ourselves from the core, the reference point, the meaning of life. We stop evolutionizing and begin moving chaotically towards extinction.

In April 2014, we founded an International Social Movement The Morality Movement and developed its Code of Conduct consisting of 10 simple points. What is our goal? Our goal is that morality and conscience would prevail in people. We would like for every person and every family to deify the Highest Moral Law. We wish that morality becomes the ideology of any country and the entire humanity!

The Divine Law is universal for the humankind; its fundamentals are found in all true faiths, religions and moral spiritual teachings. For thousands of years, great Teachers, Wise Men have been coming to Earth bringing moral, Divine commandments. Everywhere where the commandments became the foundation of the social system, the society began to prosper. As soon as God and moral values would go out of practice, such society would start to degrade until it got destroyed completely.

By bringing God back to life of every person and to the society as a whole at state-level ideology, we will acquire all genuine fortunes: physical, psychic and spiritual health, strong family based on Love and true respect, new forms of partnership, and a world without wars and conflicts, where people treat each other like brothers.

It needs to be emphasized that “bringing God back” does not mean making a certain religion or faith superior. In this case the word “God” means the Moral Law.

By creating a moral, Divine environment in a country, just within one generation we will be able to form a social system that meets the highest moral criteria. As a result, it will facilitate the prosperity of that nation.

That is why The Morality Movement has developed a document The Doctrine of High Morality, which presents a point of view on the causes of current state of society, determines basic value guidelines, provides definitions of core concepts and offers solutions for the ideological crisis. The Doctrine compares the consumerist society that currently exists and a highly moral society. It compares the basic concepts for each of these societies including the concepts of God, human being, physical world, society, freedom, power etc.

The Doctrine of High Morality contains the concept of ideology of a moral society, which can serve as a basis to forming state politics and developing target programs for increasing morality.

Everything in our lives depends on how well we can implement the Divine Law in everyday life. The time has come to review the entire system of values, all relations in all realms of life. The concept of Morality should be implemented into ideology of a state. The concept of God as the Highest Moral Law existing in the Universe should be instilled in people’s consciousness. It is necessary to promote moral values such as honor, sincerity, good will, modesty, kindness at the level of state. Each person needs to start making only moral choices in his or her life. In that case the concept of Morality will develop both from the top, i.e. the government and from the bottom, from people’s hearts. This way God will finally take the most important place in our lives. Then in the New Epoch people will perceive themselves as children of God, understand their Divine origin and acquire harmony, peace, joy and happiness that they deserve!

If the idea of this letter relates to you, please support this Open Letter as well as The Morality Movement as a whole on our website In order for the revival of morality to take place in society it is important to support it by actions and joint efforts.

Tatyana Mikushina, public leader, Omsk

Elena Ilyina, President, The Morality Movement, Novosibirsk

International Social Movement "THE MORALITY MOVEMENT"